Motion Graphics & Visual Effects


Metanoia - A Tale in Green

The Oceant

To The Light
Look Closer : Cancer

Chong Kai Qi Motion Graphics Assignment

Chong Kai Qi Motion Graphics Final Assignment

Egg-ducation Motion

Zya The Archer

Kenny Ling Ee Tak Motion

Liew Yue Hao Motion Graphics

Kenny Ling Ee Tak Motion 2

Martin Halim Motion

Andres Edric Motion

Gregorius Hansen Motion


Wrong Way

Eason Lai Compositing and Visual Effects

Run Lego, Run!

Miss Thy Creator

Mohmmad Riazi Compositing and Visual Effects

Kenny Ling Rendering Final Assignment

Global Warming

Tay Chu Yong Dynamics and Effects

The Perfect World

Yearning for Company
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